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What should be the strategy and what we do in a PUBLIC RELATION CAMPAIGN?
1.What is a PR Campaign?
- A PR campaign , the way it is understood & being run by most of the companies in the market, is all about getting a quote or a byte along with a photograph. But is this what you understand by VISIBILITY? We don’t think so! A brand is Visible when it is placed at the right place and at the right media. The stories need not to be followed but created. And this is where the PR skills and the media relations come to play. No doubt stories can’t be created everyday but one can push for it so that either of the relevant media might pick it up at some point of time. A constant feedback from Media on the PR Company is also a good way of knowing the ground truths.
- Understand that brands like Google, Coca-Cola or nearer to us like Tata Group, Infosys, SBI, ICICI, DLF and many more are not the creation of just a heavy advertising campaign but with the right dose of prolonged and a very well strategized PR Campaign over a number of years.
- Have you ever seen your company’s spokesperson talking about a issue in which your company has a better stand e.g. green technology, unique amenities in your project, have you ever seen your spokesperson on other than the regular set of coverage which everyone follows? Even one thoughtful story in a month would do wonders for any brand. And this is how you build credibility among masses.
- In today’s market the process is simple. Get hold of a questionnaire from a media house, get them answered by clients and mail back to the media house. The work is done! But is it really done? The stories one see is a major result of the advertising campaign a company runs on those particular media. No doubt advertising is equally important but how many times have you come across a questionnaire from your PR Company on board trying to create a story on the brand? Have you ever had a thoughtful discussion on how to enhance the brand value or on the kinds of creative you use in your advertisement? Don’t you think that every marketing campaign should be synchronized? A PR is not just confined to PR only. One needs to synchronize all the marketing tools and encourage creativity to position the brand at the right place.
- Do you come across well researched documents which give you a value addition to your knowledge about your brand’s perception, market & competitors?


Why we stand unique and retain our clients?
1. ICCPL is a young & vibrant company yet with lots of Experience through the work-ex of all the professionals it has. The team is young and dynamic, which believes in creativity and thinking out of the box to give that edge to all its clients. Every move at ICCPL is the result of a strong brainstorming process. The result has to be the best!
2. We believe in thinking and planning every step we take which should help the client in enhancing its brand equity.
3. We retain our clients because we believe in deliverables.
4. We believe in creativity and making our own niche rather than following what others are doing.
5. We believe in giving our best!

What does a client need in today’s competitive market?
Today’s market is a place which is completely ruled by the supply and demand graph.
The supply is generated by launching new products with right pricing & quality but the demand needs to be created. With new products being launched by various companies every day, the need of the hour is to divert the existing demand and create new demand by highlighting the benefits of the products by—
1. Advertising campaign- Prints & outdoors & at later stage on Electronic.
2. An online campaign—as most of the customers are online today
4. Word of mouth publicity.
5. BTL activity- investors meet on different target locations, dealers meet and other Promotional events.
6. It has to be a Complete Brand Consultancy!

Hence the time is to promote your brand in a “360 degree” way leaving no stone unturned and working on every aspects of marketing in the right proportion with expert consultants on board to look after it and ICCPL IS THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR MARKETING NEEDS.

"Creativity is the defeat for Habit"

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  • Lok Sabha also passes GST Bill; PM Modi says it will end tax terrorism.
  • Rama Raman stays CEO, Noida gets new chairman.
  • Antriksh India complex launched at sector-150 Noida Expressway.
  • Government's Initiative to simplify Taxation Goods and Services Tax (GST) given a go ahead by the upper house of the Parliament.
  • Slashed circle rates to boost realty in Gurgaon.
Press Releases
“On behalf of media team and Gulshan Homz management’s side I convey the appreciation of work which you have shown. Expect the same response and support from ICCPL in near days to come. We are proud that we are associated with ICCPL.”
Gulshan Homz Pvt. Ltd.

“We are really happy to be associated with ICCPL and appreciate their hard work. Our brand has really benefitted due to ICCPL’s media campaign.”
Ajnara India Ltd.

“ICCPL has been doing a lot of Good work for us and we feel like being associating with them forever”.
Anantraj Industries Ltd.

“We appreciate the Good Work for us by ICCPL. And hope to see the same in times to come”
Earth Infrastructures.

" We are really happy to be associated with ICCPL. They actually organize very good press meets"
Prateek Group.

" ICCPL has done fabulous job and I will like to be associated with them forever"
Roopak Jain,JM Housing

" We are really satisfied with the performance of ICCPL and are feel proud to be associated with such a dedicated team headed by Dushyant Sinha"
Sunil Sharma, Advant India
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